You can find a nice downloadable PDF of our program here (It is 130 MB so only download when stable Wifi). A printed version will be available at the conference. And we have hidden a wonderful spelling mistake. The first to find it, wins 300 points and half a washing machine :-).​

September 22, 2017 Ramada Hotel Bad Soden
When? Where? Who and What?
8:00 Lobby Registration and Mingle
10:00 Mendelssohn Opening Plenary: Future Perfect
11:00 Everywhere Coffee Break
11:30 Different rooms Workshops, Spaces and Talks
Mendelssohn Success Story Talks:

  1. Sofie Geisler: Solution Focus in Large Scale Processes
  2. Dr. Dominic Bray: Our best hopes becoming true : SF principles as UK and Rwandan health policy
  3. Norio Mishima, Yuichi Takenouchi: How we have been spreading solution-focused ideas in Japan
Tolstoi Workshop: Chris Iveson: Kitchen Dramas: extending ideas about single session therapy.
Bethmann Workshop: Suzi Curtis and Kidge Burns: Nailing jelly to the wall: lessons from developing the UKASFP accreditation system
Hoffmann Workshop: Herman Prüst: “With a little help from my friends”– Extended bodily cognition in SFBT
Schopenhauer Space: Franziska Kunz: SF Negotiation – a journey to the preferred outcome
Wagner Workshop: Kati Hankovszky: Use of SF Team Coaching in organisations – 3 cases
Stolze Workshop: Ella de Jong: Energizing Communication with Troubled Youth
Hölderlin Workshop: Plamen Panayotov and  Boyan Strahilov: Before, Best Hopes, and Beyond: Three Different Questions, or… Only One?
Goethe Workshop: Merritt Watson: Solution Focused teaching strategies- Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try! Dr Seuss
Börne Workshop: A.R. Baijesh: Integrating Mindfulness and Solution Focused Brief Therapy in Practice
12:30 Lobby or restaurant Lunch
13:30 Different rooms Workshops, Spaces and Talks
Mendelssohn Theory talks:

  1. Mark McKergow: “Stretching the world” – a friendly explanation of SF practice
  2. Leoš Zatloukal: Recursive Frame Analysis as research tool for analysing therapeutic sessions
  3. Svea van der Hoorn and Kirsten Dierolf: SF Coaching and SF Brief Therapy – a heffalump in the room worth exploring
Tolstoi Workshop: Leo Blokland, Sieds Rienks, Peter Röhrig , Martina Scheinecker: SF work with conflicts – the know and how of Sf mediation in different approaches 
Bethmann Workshop: Dragana Knezic and Stephen Langer: Short-term SF Group Intervention for Syrian Refugee Torture Survivors
Hoffmann Space: Karin Pharès and Anne-Marie Wulf: How to stay brief in a longterm collaboration
Schopenhauer Workshop: Brigitte Lavoie: For traditional men, SFBT fits like a glove – a work glove
Wagner Workshop: Dr Jacqui von Cziffra-Bergs: Strength Rebriefing and not Trauma Debriefing: Solution Focused Therapy with Trauma
Stolze Workshop: Felix Hirschburger and Daniel Meier: Brining lightness, purpose and appreciation into the Business
Hölderlin Workshop: Els Mattelin and Hannelore Volckaert: Putting difference to work with autistic clients
Goethe Workshop: Sebastien Vernieuwe: Therapist & relationship factors in solution focused practice
Börne Workshop: Jonathan Casemore: Problem free talk and best hopes
14:30 Everywhere Coffee break
15:00 Different rooms Workshops, Spaces and Talks
Mendelssohn Testimonial talks:

  1. Julia Kalenberg: SF — I just do it
  2. Svea van der Hoorn: Restoring Dignity via Coping Talk – the neglected cousin of Change Talk
  3. Christiaan van Woerden: Moving towards a common preferred situation: let’s take a look at what happened on the go
Tolstoi Research Talks:

  1. Joanna Cheng, Dr Ian Smith: Constructing preferred future and resource conversations through solution-focused discourses with people with long-term physical health conditions
  2. Jaseem Koorankot: Effect of solution focused vs. problem focused questions in neurophysiological components and elelctrophysiological state
  3. Keita Kiuchi: The Impact of the Japanese Employees’ Solution-focused Interactions on the Work Related Variables: Suggestions from Three Surveys.
Bethmann Workshop: Elliott Connie and Biba Rebolj: Even BRIEFer
Hoffmann Workshop: Shakya Kumara: RADAR: overcoming procrastination by combining SF and Mindfulness
Schopenhauer Space: Joe Chan: Transitional support services for institutionalized youths
Wagner Workshop: Tomasz Switek: “You, me, they = us … & just the situations”
Stolze Workshop: Thomas Hirschmann: The OASIS-model: New tools for coping with severe life conditions
Hölderlin Workshop: Simone Gaio and Daniel Meier: The magic of the beginning
Goethe Workshop: Bea Bincze and István Czombos: Promote and build solution focus mindset through resource gossip
Börne Workshop: Guy Shennan and  Esther de Wolf : The Extended iSelf: Using smartphones in solution-focused brief therapy
16:00 Everywhere Change rooms
16:15 Different rooms Workshops , Spaces and Talks
Mendelssohn Testimonial Talks:

  1. Rayya Ghul: The Power of the Next Small Step
  2. Janine Waldman: The African Queen
  3. Trish Neill: How Open Cold Water Swimming Has Made Me a Better SF Coach
Tolstoi Research Talks:

  1. Baijesh, A. R.: Solution Focused Brief Therapy for Social Anxiety Disorder
  2. Eugenia Savvidou: Planning, implementation and evaluation of a Solution-Focused Group Counseling program, for adolescents living in child protection centers.
  3. Dr Sarah Northcott and Kidge Burns: Enhancing emotional well-being through Solution Focused Brief Therapy for people living with stroke and aphasia
Bethmann Workshop: Manfred Vogt: Toolbox: Drawing and Painting with children and adolescents
Hoffmann Workshop: Ursula Buehlmann, Peter Sundman, John Wheeler, Naomi Whitehead, Ferdinand Wolf: The Inkoo Stock Exchange: An experiment with Solution Focused ways of being
Schopenhauer Space: Paut Kromkamp, Rob Paludanus, Marieke Wulffraat: SF group supervision as a change agent
Wagner Workshop: Sander van Goor, Guy Shennan, Jonas Wells: The Music Question
Stolze Adam Froerer: SFBT with Clients Managing Trauma: A Neuroscience Perspective
Hölderlin Workshop: Jesper H Christiansen: My Organisation and Me – a love story Subtitle: Solution Focused Employee Development
Goethe Workshop: Thomas Hirschmann: Scaling with your senses: A creative approach for noticing progress
Börne  Workshop:  Carol Buchholz Holland, Ph.D.: The C.C.A.T.S. Model: A Creative Multisensory Approach to Solution-Focused Counseling
17:15 Mendelssohn Harvesting Plenary
18:00 End
19:00 Meetings
Mendelssohn EBTA Annual Members Meeting
Tolstoi SOLworld Steering Committee Meeting
20:00 Anywhere Free evening: Find some dinner in Frankfurt or Bad Soden. We will also offer some ideas for touristy things if you are interested (coming later)



September 23, 2017 Ramada Hotel Bad Soden
When? Where? Who and What?
8:30 Different rooms Morning Activities
Tolstoi Alex Steele: An experiment in human connections, synchronisation, harmony and presence: The spontaneous SF World Choir! (for beginners, more advanced, the creative and adventurous!)
Bethmann Shakyakumara: Mindfulness Practice – becoming happier, more present and more aware
Hoffmann Felix Hirschburger: Wim Hof
Schopenhauer Paul Z. Jackson: Creative collaboration for SF practitioners
9:00 Mendelssohn Plenary: Peter Sundman, John Wheeler, Svea van der Horn, Marie-Christine Cabie, Ferdinand Wolf, Matthias Schwab (EBTA task-group) and others:  SF theory
10:00 Lobby or restaurant Coffee break
10:30 Different rooms Workshops, Spaces and Talks
Mendelssohn Talks about youth:

  1. Emma Burns: Rethinking Youth Justice
  2. Joe Chan: Reintegration of institutionalized youths
  3. Pamela King: Solution building with children
Tolstoi Workshop: Peter De Jong, Haesun Moon, & Bo-Yon Koh: Using the Microanalysis of Face-to-Face Dialogues to Improve, Teach, and Supervise Solution-focused Conversation Skills
Bethmann Space: Kirsten Dierolf and Svea van der Hoorn: SF’s techno-coloured dream cloth – weaving coherence via SF Coaching and SFBT same, same, but different?
Hoffmann Space: Sofie Geisler: Solution Focus in Large Scale Processes
Schopenhauer Workshop: John Pihlaja: Transforming addiction into motivation
Wagner Workshop: Steffen Herz, Manuela Herz, Julia Kalenberg: How a German family owned etching process company adopted SF
Stolze Workshop: Judit Katonáné Kovács and Katalin Hankovszky: From personal to local economy development ─ a case study
Hölderlin Workshop: Marc Gardiner: Solution-focused Reflecting Team
Goethe Workshop: Eszter Fruzsina Boross: “Find the fun, and snap” – spotting resources and strengths with ease
Börne Workshop: Klaus Schenck: “Meta for Solutions” – how metaphors are simply unavoidable when focusing solutions
11:30 Change rooms
11:40 Different rooms Workshops, Spaces and Talks
Mendelssohn Social Impact Talks:

  1. Edwin Choy: Solution Focused Teacher Renewal Training
  2. Jim Bird-Waddington: Preventing Homelessness the Solution Focused Way
  3. Lee Yi Ping: If it’s not working, do something different: Singapore Community Health Assessment Team
Tolstoi Space: Mark McKergow: Shared values with our ‘cousins’: The Galveston Declaration
Bethmann Workshop: Dr Dominic Bray and Dr David Unwin: Best Hopes for Long (and Short) Lives; SF – energised, joy-full Primary and Palliative Care Consultations
Hoffmann John Brooker: Does the solution focused approach energize an organisation?
Schopenhauer Workshop: Irene Lansdaal and Cora Hagen: SF in organisations: 4 solution focused competencies
Wagner Elfie Czerny & Dominik Godat: SF on Tour – How we spread SF on the road
Stolze Workshop: Viktória Sőregi and Árpád Bárnai: SF experience in Hungarian Roma Settlements
Hölderlin Space: Katalin Hankovszky: Value and chances of practitioner research – a work review
Goethe Workshop: Marilyn Atkinson: The Creative Flow: How to Get it Fast!
Börne Workshop: Jos Kienhuis: Workshop ‘Resource Game’
12:40 Lobby or restaurant Lunch
13:40 Mendelssohn Open Space Set Up
14:15 All rooms and spaces Open Space Slot 1
15:00 All rooms and spaces Open Space Slot 2
16:00 All rooms and spaces Open Space Slot 3
17:30 Mendelssohn Harvesting Plenary
18:00 End
19:00 Mendelssohn Dinner
20:00 Mendelssohn Cabaret
Some time later Tolstoi I-Pod Disco
Much much later Hotel Rooms zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz



September 24, 2017, Ramada Hotel Bad Soden
8:30 Different rooms Morning Activities
Tolstoi Herman Prüst: “Awakening the body”, morning excercises to loosen up the body and start the day pleasantly and relaxed.
Bethmann Veronica Hughes: The mindful secret of happiness
Hoffmann Jen Unwin & Anne-marie Wulf: Where there is wool, there’s a way
9:00 Mendelssohn Plenary: Next Steps
10:00 Lobby and restaurant Coffee Break
10:30 Different rooms Workshops , Spaces and Talks
Mendelssohn Talks:

  1. Susanne Burgstaller: 10 key things that SF workers should know to help organizations shift gear
  2. Trish Neill: Embracing ubuntu, celebrating diversity and trust
  3. Anne-Marie Wulf: The Digital Diary, a Danish concept
Tolstoi Talks:

  1. Audhild Mork: Cooperation
  2. Daniel Meier: About a Dream and how to create and lead a Company in a SF-Way
  3. Sue Lickorish, Chris Bond: Pistols at Dawn – or is it the Holy Grail of Continuous Improvement?
Bethmann Workshop: John Henden: Zero Suicide: SF Suicide Prevention
Hoffmann Space: Rayya Ghul: Solution Focus as an everyday practice
Schopenhauer  Workshop: Selina Wu: SFBT used in teacher training in China
Wagner  Space: Petra Müller-Demary: Solution Cafe
Stolze Workshop: Thabisani Ncube: “There is nothing wrong with you what’s right with you cannot fix”: Developing, strengthening and sustaining a solution focused mindset for everyday language and use as an expert of your life.
Hölderlin Workshop: Enikő Tegyi and Áron Levendel: Room the bloom – Let’s have the right meetings!
Goethe Space: Matthias Schwab: Ludwig Wittgenstein and Steve de Shazer – A philosophical conversation on exchanging words
Börne Workshop: Paul Z Jackson and Janine Waldman: How to be resilient – with an SF approach
11:30 Change rooms
11:40 Mendelssohn Closing Plenary
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Everywhere Tearful and excited good-byes