My sparkling moments from the 2017 conference

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Mariola Mariola
Thank you for inspiring meetings with new colleagues from SF organizations from all over the world- special greetings to Irina, I hope we will meet again, maybe on Mazurian lakes :-). Thank you for sharing experiences with EBTA members, with members of national associations- especially greeetings to Swedish and British. Mariola Lelonkiewicz, Polish Association of Solution Focused Psychotherapy
Andreea Mihalca Andreea Mihalca
My sparkling moment was marked by every meeting with a SF professional who shared their own valuable working tools. I’ve very much enjoyed seeing how the SF tools were adjusted to the various needs of the clients. A special thanks to Thomas Hirschmann for sharing the OASIS model. Greetings from Polish Association of Solution Focused Therapy PTPSR.
Jacek Lelonkiewicz Jacek Lelonkiewicz
My sparkling moment? The conference itself! It was amazing to meet so many friends and so many new people, all of us talking and practicing SFBT, to enjoy both social moments and professional parts of the event! It was lovely to meet you, Marie, Alasdair, Helene, Peter-s, Ferdinand and more and more names I should write here to be fair both to all of you, dear friends and to myself as well. EBTA conference have always been a possibility to refresh my mind and to have more power to my practice. This time I`ve got even more, been able to meet people from SOL and other associations together. Lovely time, thanks a lot from Jacek, Polish Association of Solution Focused Psychotherapy
Katarzyna Sikora Katarzyna Sikora
Amazing experience for me - when I joined to the awesome harmony and sharing with other people as the SF Choir 🙂 Unforgettable !!! Greetings from Polish Association of Solution Focused Psychotherapy
Klaus Schenck Klaus Schenck
My most touching sparkling moment was during an exercise in the last workshop: Sharing a difficult personal situation and receiving very special, powerful, and appreciative feedbacks from my two dear partners-in-exercise, Irini and Wendy - thank you! (And thank you all the other contributors to other sparkling moments, too! ...)
Lourdes Balce Lourdes Balce
Congratulations and kudos to Kirsten's excellent team!! I feel blessed having a great sense of belonging in the SF community, that I was able to share what's working in my day to day and glad to take home tools and approaches from all over. My best hopes -- To keep the SF candle light shining and spread SF as a discipline all over, though events like SF World Conference. That both theories and practice of SF get to the areas of the world where SF has yet to be recognized, taught in schools, and widely practiced in making our world a better place, as model of choice, as a way of thinking and way of life. One big hope is that-- upcoming World Conferences and other SF events will eventually happen in South East Asia, for example, and in countries where SF has yet to grow as practice. Delegates would come from the academe, centres of wellness and community service, then see the value of SF as a way of resolving challenges. Thank you, Vielen Dank, Salamat!
Jim Bird-Waddington Jim Bird-Waddington
My sparkling moment was attending the open space session, where Harry Korman, Peter Sundman and many others participated in a fascinating discussion about a theory for the approach. Felt like an hour of serious learning and reflection. Thanks to all who took part. Jim
Selina wu hongjian Selina wu hongjian
I feel this conference is so interesting and helpful, my sparking time is sharing the work we have done in China teachers training, and got much advice, and the miracle is that so many people are doing the same work in all over the world.
Marika Tammeaid Marika Tammeaid
I was so happy for finding SF collegues who are interested in the same issue I have been reflecting for years: SF in large scale processes! It is defenately worth of continuing:-)
Alasdair Macdonald Alasdair Macdonald
Sparkling moments in meeting old friends, some from the start of EBTA, and then so many new friends and exciting conversations. Special thanks to Biba, Jim B-W, Piryanka, Christiaan, Rayya Ghul, Andrew Gibson, Jaseem, Krisse, Adam
Joe Chan Joe Chan
This is my first SF World Conference since I began my SF journey since 2008. No suitable word within the English language can quite capture the meaning that I'm trying to express. But if it's in terms of best hopes for this event, I've definitely achieved 10/10 for it! Every minute and second of learning or conversation during the conference there is like discovering another new piece of the puzzle to fit in with what I know about SF. All in all, the whole trip itself at Frankfurt/Bad Soden is a sparkling moment for me!
Susanne Burgstaller Susanne Burgstaller
My most sparkling moments were definitely in the connections strengthened and built during encounters with new and old friends, and in the shared moments of learning and joyous fun. Thank you for creating a wonderful container for all this to happen!
Ali Abington Ali Abington
This conference is something of a gift to myself after a significant period of transition. So, in the spirit of previous SF events, you could say that it would be exactly what I've always wanted, beautifully wrapped and something I can share with others ...
Danielle Teheux Danielle Teheux
To share my thoughts about bringing SF to parents and be inspired by talks and workshops from SF representers from all over the world.
Eszter Fruzsina Boross Eszter Fruzsina Boross
My best hope is to re-connect, laugh and make plans with old and new SFriends, to offer a useful and highly enjoyable workshop and to have a blast in my lovely home continent, Europe!
Aoki-san Aoki-san
It's been 12 years since my first appearance at SOL World Conference which has for a long time been my home place to learn, share, and get excited about SF. This time my best hope is to look back at these years and reflect on the uniqueness of what I created over the years by seeing my old friends and enjoying the conversations and exchanging ideas.
Evgenia Savvidou Evgenia Savvidou
I hope to feel excited, blessed, the powerful sense of belonging in a broader group...I also hope to get inspired and to have some new ideas to search for. At the end, I hope to receive many feedbacks about my presentation concerning SF at group work and to gain many new friends. I can't wait to see you all!
Penelope Turnell Penelope Turnell
My best hope is to be able to take away some techniques that enable me to ask better questions in my daily work and to get some teaching techniques that help me help other practitioners learn to ask better questions.
Biba Rebolj Biba Rebolj
My best hope for the conference is to meet old friends and make new ones, to be inspired by world famous speakers and touched by fresh faces and to enjoy every single moment of knowledge, passion and fun. Best hope from the conference is to open up possibilities I daren't even think of. Miracles have happened in the past, so I am expecting a few more 🙂
Jim Bird-Waddington Jim Bird-Waddington
My best hopes for the conference are to enrich my appreciation of the approach, challenge my thinking, and, and get enthused by others.