The SF world conference 2017

The SF world conference took place on 22-24 September 2017 in Bad Soden, Germany (near Frankfurt airport) with 350 participants from over 30 countries, all continents except Antarctica with over 20 scholarships awarded. It was a great success — if you want to leave your impressions please go to our “my sparkling moments” page and leave a comment.

We aimed to

bring together Solution Focused practitioners from all over the world and from all applications of Solution Focus: therapy, organizational work, education, social work, etc. We want to be as inclusive of all SF practitioners and their organisations and networks as possible to facilitate learning, exchange, mutual support, and the further development of Solution Focused practice all over the world. We want to honor the SF roots in Milwaukee and envision together what the future is bringing to us. In order to truly live our inclusive ethos, we are also actively seeking for possibilities to make this event accessible for those who cannot be there in person potentially via internet streaming or other technical means.

If you have any questions, please contact Kirsten at

Supporting Organisations

So far, the conference is supported by the following organizations and networks. Each organization or network is represented by one member in the organizing team. Please let us know if your network or association would like to join in and support us.

  • SOLworld (Solutions in Organisations Linkup): Kirsten Dierolf
  • EBTA (European Brief Therapy Association): Anne-Marie Wulf
  • SFBTA (Solution Focused Brief Therapy Association): Monica Rotner
  • UKASFP (United Kingdom Association for Solution Focused Practice): Jen Unwin
  • ASFP (Association for Solution Focused Practitioners): Elliott Connie
  • Svenska Föreningen för Lösningsfokuserad Korttidsterapi (Swedish organization för SF Brief Therapy): Jonas Wells
  • Ratkes (Finnish Organization for SF Practice): Riitta Malkamaki
  • NLA (Network for SF Practice, Switzerland): Kati Hankovszky
  • ASFP-I (Association for Solution Focused Practices — India) Jaseem Koorankot
  • SolworldCEE (Central European SOLworld): Kati Hankovszky
  • SolworldDACH (German Language SOLworld): Kirsten Dierolf
  • SFCT (Association for the quality development of Solution Focused consulting and training): Kirsten Dierolf
  • OSTA (Latvian Association)
  • AASFBT (Australasian Association for Solution Focused Brief Therapy)
  • ASFIO (Association for solution focus in organisations)
  • ASC (Austrian Solution Circle): Elfie Czerny