Workshop: Toolbox: Drawing and Painting with children and adolescents

Manfred Vogt


Children and adolescents can express their emotions and thoughts by drawing pictures and in roleplays. There are different ways to create resourceful and solution focused pictures with children, like to make flourishes with young children, refill the resource tank, imagine the own family as animals and create an own Resourcosaurus, drawing short stories in cartoon therapy and invent an own picture diary.
Participants will learn all techniques by practicing them by themselves.

Dr. Manfred Vogt is psychotherapist and children therapist since 1984 and works at Norddeutsches Institut für Kurzzeitttherapie, NIK (north german institute for brief therapy, nik) and member of the EBTA-Board and IASTI (Internatiomnal Allience of Solution Focused Institutes). Author and editor of books about solution focused therapy and of different therapeutic games.

for SF beginners, for SF practitioners