Workshop: Therapist & relationship factors in solution focused practice


Sebastien Vernieuwe

Solution Focused practice is about believing other people’s abilities to have, find, apply their own solutions. As a practitioner being a mere vehicle, facilitator to come to these solutions. To be able to be that facilitator one needs a mandate from the client, and a mandate preferably obtained within a relationship. Therapist and relationship factors are often seen as such an obvious side of our job, so much that they might be taken for granted. We will be paying attention to some key theoretical factors within therapist en relationship factors with aid of some hopefully inspiring exercises.

Sebastien Vernieuwe is an Educationalist youth-counselor and Solution Focused Psychotherapist. He works in a center with groups, youngsters and families referred by juvenile court, runs his own private practice and non-profit organization offering psychotherapy to financially challenged children and families. Sebastien is a member of the training staff at the Korzybski Institute in Bruges, where he feels privileged to work closely with a team of experienced Solution Focussed trainers, including pioneers Luc Isenbaert, Erwin De Bisscop and Myriam Lefevere de Ten Hove.

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