Workshop: The OASIS-model: New tools for coping with severe life conditions


Dr. Thomas Hirschmann

The OASIS-model is suggesting a practical framework for dealing with long lasting or permanent burdens like chronic illness, unemployment or the care for high-maintenance family members. The term OASIS is used on the one hand as a metaphor for a location where you can feel comfortable and secure in spite of surroundings which may appear threatening and hostile. On the other hand it represents an acronym for a 5 step programme composed of the following keywords:

• O rientation
• A spired future
• S trengths and resources
• I ntegration to everyday life
• S elf-reliance and signs

Since the OASIS-model was first introduced at the EBTA 2015 in Vienna it has been continuously refined and expanded and new materials and tools for the practical application have been developed. In applying this solution focused programme to their own life challenges the attendees of this workshop will have the opportunity to experiment with pictures of hope, resource cards, walking scales and self-created future stories.

Psychologist and psychotherapist (Systemic Family Therapy), working in a rehabilitation clinic in Bayerisch Gmain (Germany) and as a solution focused practitioner in private practice in Salzburg (Austria). Regular participant at the BRIEF summer school in London, presenter at the EBTA 2015 in Vienna.

for SF practitioners