Workshop: simple but not easy


Simone Gaio and Ursula Steiner

We dare an experiment.
We would like to invite the employees of an international company to notice more often the small and large success stories in their daily business and have them talk about it. While focusing on what works Ursula (as an employee in this company) will ask SF questions and pay attention to differences that make a difference.
Simone will coach Ursula along the way, reflect with her on what works. And together we will figure out more fun questions to ask.

We want to carefully document our experiment. We are interested where this journey takes us and how we will deal with the ups and downs. As we all know: It is simple but not easy!
Based on our audio recordings we will give you insights in our venture. We want to share with you what we’ve experienced, learn from your practice and find out together with you what else could be possible.
Yet we don’t know where this experiment will take us.
Our best hopes are that our little contribution will start a larger movement!

For the passed few years Simone has been a enthusiastic solution surfer teaching SF in Switzerland and abroad.
As a coach and trainer she loves supporting individuals, teams and organisations in their development. She adores discovering new ways that lead to more lightness.

Ursula is a lawyer and therapist, currently working in human ressources in an international company. Ever since a child she has been familiar with SF. She studied SF in the USA amongst others with Steve de Shazer. What ever she does, she always brings along her SF way of thinking.

Through many intersting discussion about SF and how it has influenced not only their work but also who they are, the two of them have grown together. They are convinced that SF can make an important difference in every day life.

for SF beginners, for SF practitioners, for SF pros and superheros