Workshop: SFBT used in Teacher Training in China

Selina Wu

Train the teachers how to use sfbt to re-explain the need of students, and not search the reasons but focus on the strength and abilities; Guide the teachers how to find the exceptions of students’ and how to make it happens more and more; Guide the teachers use the scale with the students and parents. Guide the teachers learn to make the small change with students. Guide the teachers learn the miracle question 、exception question、scale questions.
In China, we have trained more than 2000 primary and secondary teachers, and they are feeling the skill is very useful and helpful.
We integrate the drawing、education drama into the sfbt, so it is became more interesting for the students and teachers.

Selina Wu

Department,Beijing Normal University (2001, United Kingdom King’s College and Manchester University visiting scholar) Professional experience: Main domain:

1、Build the mental health education system in school

2、Integrate the SFBT into the work of school, change the opinion of how the teachers on students.

3、Guide the teachers how to use the SFBT in their managment of the class , to deal with the challenge.

4、Supervison the teachers to apply the SFBT in their work and develop their professional skills

Main training program:

1、 Trained 800 teachers for Chaoyang District of Beijing based on the SFBT

2、Trained 1200 teachers for Beijing Municipal Education Commission

3、Trained 50 teachers for Henan Province based on the SFBT.

4、Trained 50 teachers for Chongqing based on the SFBT