Workshop: SF on Tour – How we spread SF on the road


Elfie Czerny & Dominik Godat

Imagine sitting in a café of your favorite town. Outside a motorhome painted with SF quotes parks on the village square. People are gathering around the motorhome to find out what it’s all about…That’s us, Elfie, Dominik & Bibiana on the road spreading SF ideas throughout the world, offering SF workshops, free SF coachings, good coffee, meaningful SF dialogues and more for everyone who is joining us. Let’s experience together our SF workshop around the motorhome. Come and join us outside on the parking lot for this unique experience. Let yourself be inspired and inspire us to make this experience even more worthwhile for you and the people we meet on the road in the future. And be among the first to sign our “SF on tour world guestbook“.

Elfie Czerny & Dominik Godat are spreading SF with lots of enthusiasm and passion. They have been co-leading the Center for Solution Focused Leadership in Switzerland together, spreading SF ideas through their book and cards “Lösungen auf der Spur”, working with companies in Europe, facilitating different SF groups and much more. And now they will be on the road with their daughter Bibiana in their SF motorhome spreading SF ideas throughout the world for a while.

for SF beginners, for SF practitioners, for SF pros and superheros