Workshop: Room the bloom – Let’s have the right meetings!


Enikő Tegyi – Áron Levendel

Aron and Eniko were picked separately as coaches for a meeting culture development project in a financial institution in Hungary, in an emergency situation. They teamed up and in 6 weeks they ended up from an initial 66% meeting efficiency at 79%, using a holistic, easy-to-follow SF approach. They invite you to experiencing some of the tools they used, shared thinking about possible interventions to develop the effectiveness, efficiency and good mood at meetings, while sharing their own approach: what they did and what small differences made up the big difference.

Enikő Tegyi PCC, is an executive, group, team coach and coach trainer based in Budapest. She has used SF in company-wide organization programs focussed on retention, corporate well-being and meeting culture. Author of publications and guest lecturer at universities on SF, managing director of her own company, she has also developed her program “Brief Coaching in Leadership and Organisations” for company psychologists.

Aron Levendel PCC, member of the SolutionSurfers network, co-founder and managing partner of KAPTÁR coworking office in Budapest, and freelance organisation development consultant.

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