Workshop: How to be resilient – with an SF approach


Paul Z Jackson and Janine Waldman

How to be resilient – with an SF approach
One hour workshop – interactive and skills based
Paul and Janine

These are tough times in which many people are scared of losing their livelihoods. Organisations face the uncertainties of markets, while political and environmental changes threaten many communities.
These challenges call for resilience. And a solutions-focused approach can make a significant difference.

Paul Z Jackson and Janine Waldman, authors of the Management Pocketbook of Resilience, invite you to a pocket-size workshop to explore resilience ideas that are applied across the world, in contexts from humanitarian disaster to one-to-one coaching.

You’ll experience and learn instantly useable techniques for your professional work and personal development. In particular, we’ll explore the four dimensions of resilience: mental, physical, emotional and social, providing a range of immediately usable tips and tools for each.

By attending this interactive and engaging workshop you will learn:

  • Tips and techniques for building your resources, confidence and ability to adapt and respond
  • To counter overwhelming problems with an effective solutions-focused approach to tackling difficult situations
  • To produce better performance and improved results, even with less resource and time
  • How to promote feelings of success rather than conflict, difficulty, inadequacy and failure
  • To exchange fire-fighting for a constructive response to a crisis

Paul Z Jackson and Janine Waldman are directors of The Solutions Focus, which provides coaching, training and consultancy. Since 2002 we have been helping individuals and teams make best use of resources to achieve the outcomes they want and applying solutions focus tools and techniques to team leadership, performance management and strategic planning. Our books include Positively Speaking and the Management Pocketbook of Resilience.

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