Workshop: How a german family owned etchning process company adopted SF


Steffen Herz, Manuela Herz, Julia Kalenberg

How a German family owned etching process company adopted SF

In 2012 Manuela Herz and Julia Kalenberg met for the first time at a conference. Manuela was fascinated by two stones which Julia gave to her as a present shorty afterwards. The two stones stand for Julia’s i-o principle which aims to increase appreciation in our daily lives and is inspired by two questions of Luc Isebaert. Manuela and her husband Steffen – CEO of the family owned company – wanted to improve teamwork in their management team by introducing SF principles. One year later they had a leadership workshop and developed ideas how to spread the ideas in their teams. During the workshop they talked about their preferred future and imagined to win a price as a very innovative company… and one year later they really won the price. Since then the management team has taken many small steps and created a noticeable SF ripple effect in the company.

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