Workshop: “Find the fun, and snap” – spotting resources and strengths with ease



Eszter Fruzsina Boross

How can something be useful that is right there in front of our eyes? Let’s say, a piece of cinema. The workshop is offering a new and fun perspective on segments of the widely known movie, Mary Poppins. During the interactive 60 minutes the participants will practice noticing, grasping and articulating strength and resources in others and selves. My best hope is to experiment together and discuss how the your experience can be applied to your own field of work such as organizational development, change management, social integration, education or coaching. The workshop is recommended for those who work in these areas and for those who just simply cannot resist the charm of Mary Poppins.

Eszter Fruzsina Boross, MA, ACC, CAPP is a coach and avid practitioner of forward-moving and strength based conversations. She holds MA in International Relations and Organizational Development. She has been wearing the SF glasses since 2011 when she worked on Resource and Strength-Based Interviewing, together with a team including Peter Szabo. In 2012 and 2013, Eszter learned Brief Coaching in Basel and Teamcoaching in Budapest. She joined and enjoyed various SF projects in Budapest. Working in the field of Human Resources, she applied her knowledge as an internal coach and a change manager. After moving to New York in 2015, Eszter became certified as a positive psychology practitioner and she translated books on Solution Focus from English and German in order to make the approach even more accessible to the Hungarian audience.

for SF beginners, for SF practitioners, for SF pros and superheros