Talk: The Power of the Next Small Step


Rayya Ghul

Can the solution focused approach really be used as a self-help tool? Rayya thinks so and wants to share her experiences of writing a self-help book and what it taught her about the power of solution focus as an everyday practice. She hopes to be able to share some stories from people who’ve used the book – though of course, they are sometimes hard to contact!

Rayya Ghul is a solution focused practitioner and trainer from the United Kingdom and a founder member of the UKASFP. She originally trained as an occupational therapist and worked in a wide variety of mental health services. Since 2000 she has worked in academia, teaching occupational therapy (with a solution focused flavour) and, more recently, Higher Education learning and teaching. Rayya is the author of ‘The Power of the Next Small Step’, a solution focused self-help book and co-author of ‘Creating Positive Futures: solution focused recovery from mental distress’, a textbook for mental health practitioners. In 2008 she was awarded a National Teaching Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy, UK. She is a self-described ‘solution focused iconoclast’ and has presented at SF conferences around the world since becoming infected with the SF bug in 1995.

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