Talk: Solution-Building with Children


Pamela King

Solution-focused play therapy (SFPT) uses play and toys as conversational tools to not only increase client engagement, but to design the ideal future and move towards it. Integrating SFBT, play, and family therapy serves to strengthen relationships and gives everyone a voice in solution-building for joint efforts in identifying what will be happening when goals are met and therapy is finished. This talk honors the work of Peter DeJong and Insoo Kim-Berg by highlighting ways to Listen, Select and Build solutions with children’s verbal and play language.

Tools for listening and talking with children that are helpful, playful, and future-focused will be demonstrated throughout this talk. Through discussion, video, and collaboration, participants will explore ways to solution-build with children.

Pamela King is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, speaker, and trainer in private practice at Solution Play in Logan, UT, USA. Having earned a bachelor’s degree in Theatre Arts and a master’s degree in Family and Human Development, Pam strives to uncover and refine clients’ gifts of creativity to amplify their own solutions.
Pam has designed and implemented innovative play therapy treatment programs that utilize Solution-Focused Brief Therapy with children and families. She developed a nationally recognized treatment program for child witnesses of domestic violence. For over 25 years Pam has playfully and effectively worked with parent and child populations. She is author of Tools for Effective Therapy with Children and Families: A Solution-Focused Approach.

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