Talk: SF – I just do it

Julia Kalenberg

In my talk I’ll take you on a journey and share with you how SF enriches my everyday life.

Many of us use SF in coaching, as a Leader and when working with teams and individuals. I feel the biggest challenge and at the same time satisfaction when applying SF with myself in everyday life and even more than that: really living it. For a few years – even before my first conscious encounter with SF – I’ve been searching, collecting, creating small instruments that can make a big difference in everyday life if applied regularly.

I’m happy to share what helps me to imagine and express my preferred future and search small steps towards it with a magnifying glass in order to get more motivation for the next small steps. I’m always impressed of how effective these mini-instruments and –exercises can be.

In my daily routine this mindful approach towards myself and resource-oriented sight can get lost. And I’m happy when I’m able to find it again. It’s a little bit like loosing my (chance-) glasses, looking for them and finding them a again.

Come and share my fascination for the ripple effect that SF has on our motivation, our level of satisfaction and on our relation with other people.

After a few years of experience as a leader and sales manager in a direct selling company, Julia Kalenberg founded her own company 17 years ago. She follows the SF approach in her training (mainly leadership, sales, customer- and service orientation, selfmanagement), in workshops and in coaching of individuals and teams and in mental coaching of athletes.

for SF beginners, for SF practitioners, for SF pros and superheros