Talk: Reintegration of institutionalized youths


Joe Chan

Using the SF framework and approach to work with institutionalized high risk and needs youths to support their reintegration and transition back home and the community. Components of sports, casework, counseling and mentoring are included.for SF beginners, for SF practitioners, for SF pros and superheros, anybody interested in the use of digital media in working with clients

As a social service practitioner for the past 11 years at REACH Community Services Society (RCSS), specializing in troubled children and youths and their family. Joe enjoys the challenges and thrills of this work starting as a case worker himself overseeing individuals, families and programmes till today where he is the Head of REACH Youth Services under RCSS, with a few youth centre touch-points in the community. With his dedication to coach his team of social workers, counsellors and youth workers, the service reaches out to at least 500 beneficiaries every month all over Singapore through its holistic services and programmes.

With his training in social work, it helps to provide a systems perspective to complex issues and problems. He is also trained in the Solution Focused Approach in therapy and coaching which helps to provide a unique way of looking at individuals across different spectrum of needs and goals.
Today, REACH Youth work and collaborates with government agencies, community grassroots organisations, schools, other voluntary welfare organisations and the corporate sector to bring about changes in people’s lives through innovative and sustainable programmes. And one of the target clientele that REACH Youth works with is the youths who come from the institutions who are trying to rehabilitate them due to their past offences and at-risk behaviours. It is in this space where REACH Youth tries to provide support services and resources to bridge them back to their family and community.

for SF beginners, for SF practitioners