Talk: Preventing Homelessness the Solution Focused Way


Jim Bird-Waddington

As the poorer communities across the world witness a rise in homelessness, poverty, poor mental health and substance use; the pressure is on agencies to provide meaningful, sustainable solutions. Clients and Commissioners alike are seek rapid results and lower costs.

This is a case study of Caer Las Cymru, working in Swansea, Wales, UK. They are a housing and homelessness charity who use SF as part of the support they provide to marginalised and vulnerable adults. Their work is focused on preventing homelessness, and SF provides them with interesting results.

Jim is the Chief Executive Officer of Caer Las Cymru, he has worked in the housing and homelessness field for twenty five years. He is a solution focused practitioner, and has modelled his leadership of Caer Las on the foundations of SF values and practice. He has introduced solution focused practice into the organisation’s model of support and is passionate about making a sustainable difference to the lives of vulnerable adults. He is also currently the Chair of UKASFP.

for SF beginners, for SF practitioners, for SF pros and superheros, People who work in supported housing or homelessness services