Matthias Schwab

The thinking of Ludwig Wittgenstein not only started what is called language philosophy as an academic branch but was most influential to the ongoing development of Steve de Shazers (and others) thinking about useful conversations in-between people. Wittgenstein aimed to be a therapist for philosophy by showing that a great range of philosophical problems are pseudo-problems created by the bewitchment of our language. De Shazer often appears to be a philosopher for therapists by questioning a great amount of presupposition that had been and widely still are taken for granted in the psychotherapy-field. This space wants to present some inspirational Wittgenstein-leaks for solution focused thinking that had been utilized by Steve de Shazer. Then, it is intended to offer an – as complicated as it has to be – philosophical discussion on how and what rational arguments may take us towards a theoretical understanding of our SF presuppositions. Knowing of both authors might help, but not-knowing and thinking for one self and share theses thoughts might help even more.

Matthias Schwab was lucky enough to have a brief personal encounter with Steve de Shazer after having long literary ones with Ludwig Wittgenstein. He did a master thesis on the Philosophy of Psychology before studying Fine Arts at the Bauhaus. His thinking on the meaning of meaning is balanced by shifting mind-sets as a conceptual artist since. Bridging extremes he currently is doing psychotherapy with persons who sexually offended and creating a social sculpture language lab at He likes to keep therapy and theory as simple as possible, which is complicated enough. Also, he was generously invited to join the EBTA theory task-group.