Space: SF group supervision as a change agent

Paut Kromkamp, Rob Paludanus, Marieke Wulffraat

Tired of boring meetings, case discussions and appraisals? Looking for an effective and energizing tool to enhance quality and improve performance? And one that is fun too?

Look no further. Solution Focused group supervision could just be it. At VraagKracht we have them weekly and none of us likes to miss one. It’s a place to take all your questions, get the best kind of feedback from others and go away with loads of new inspiration. Over the last ten years we’ve learned thousands of people to do this and it has proven a most valuable asset when trying to be more SF, scrum or agile in any organisation. You can do it with fellow professionals, as management teams (project or general), volunteer organisations or just people who like to spend some quality time learning and helping others learn.
In this space we will share a few of our stories and invite you to some hands-on experience with one of the seven plus models we regularly use – some familiar and some we developed ourselves. So bring your questions, come away richer and tell us how you already use it or might use it.

Paut Kromkamp – organisational consultant, trainer/facilitator and coach, using SF group supervision to facilitate teams wanting to discuss casework, develop their projects, quality or outcome, and as an instrument in organisational change. She introduced the successful monthly Open Supervisions at Vraagkracht, where people come from far and wide to discuss their dilemmas with people they’ve never met before.
Marieke Wulffraat – family and team coach and trainer. She facilitates SF group supervision in many different organisations. She enjoys the outcome focused aspect and that it’s quick, efficient and energizing. She notices time and time again how this way of doing supervision helps professionals move away from a problem focused outlook and how it helps them ànd their clients.
Rob Paludanus – family coach and trainer; chairs several Solution Focused supervision groups in varied teams. Management tems, care workers, family coaches, team leaders – anyone looking for useful and inspiring supervision. Paut and Rob developed a program to help people become SF group supervision facilitators.
All three take part in their team’s weekly supervisions and chair them regularly. Together they published a handy tool for both facilitators and participants, containing several familiar and new ways of doing SF group supervision.