My Organisation and Me – a love story Subtitle: Solution Focused Employee Development

Jesper H Christiansen



John Henden

In Denmark all employees in public organisations has – by law – a right to a one-hour conversation with their manager once a year about his/her work life situation. It is a rooted tradition in private organisations too although it’s not required by law there.
The conversations is supposed to be a dialogue between manager and employee but often it ends in a discussion – if not an argument – about performance and negotiation of goods in the workplace.

What if the manager and employee would talk about a preferred future in the context of:
− employee and organisation – vision, strategies stated through everyday work.
− employee and job function – the legal reason for employment versus professional development.
− employee, the person behind – best hopes for a good work life, motivation and happiness.

What if this is not just one single conversation, once a year, but an ongoing dialogue, not just between one manager and one employee, but also teams and departments.
Then how would that look like in a busy everyday work life?
Well here’s a suggestion… – together with Danish consultant Mikael Elkan I have written a practical guide on how to turn annual employee development planning in to a sustainable ongoing process to benefit both the individual and the organisation.
In this workshop you are going to try out some of the main ideas on how to do so.

Jesper lives in Switzerland and Denmark and has been self-employed since 1997, working for both private and public organisations, small and big businesses.
After discovering the simplicity and power of working with Solution Focus in coaching, with teams and large groups, SF has become the core competency in all his work.

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For everyone working in organisations and communities who focus on developing their employees or members.