Workshop: Does a Solution Focus Approach energise an organisation

John Brooker

In this interactive and participative workshop we will explore the above question. My belief is that SF does energise an organisation, how might we start to demonstrate this?
Consider that an “organisation” can be as few as two people through to an astonishing 2.1 million in Walmart or 3.2 million in the US Department of Defense. How do you energise an organisation of 3.2 million people? That is daunting. However, every organisation has one thing in common, they are made up of individuals.
In the SF world we have lots of evidence that SF energises individuals and many cases that show SF energises teams. This energy comes from different SF sources, e.g.
• The interaction of individuals with other individuals, of teams with other teams
• The shaping of the future
• The search for what is working
• The constructive beliefs of the coach and facilitator etc.
You will discuss what these SF sources are, how each SF source might energise people and how we might expand this energy from the individual and teams to the whole organisation. If time, we might discuss what an energised organisation would be like or indeed if our attitude of “every situation is unique” means that each organisation must design this for themselves.
Bring an open mind, a pen and paper and willingness to participate – a sense of humour is also welcome.

John Brooker is a Solution Focused Professional coach, team coach, meeting facilitator, trainer and innovation catalyst, working with teams internationally, across Western and Eastern Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia.