Activity: The mindful secret of happiness


Veronica Hughes

This Mindfulness exercise is about the secret of happiness. Happiness are just moments during which you are completely open and fully aware of things that are really pleasant or beautiful. Moments when you are able to relate to what’s touching your heart and not thinking or doing anything to make it different. Happiness can sometimes be found in little things: a poem, a sweet smile, the smell of fresh bread. It’s always the wonder of simplicity. About things that are fine as they are. Without you having to change it. The secret lies in consciously allowing these moments to happen. And also not wanting to hang on to them. Nor having expectations of a next time, but just being there. We never know what will happen in advance. I will tell a story about “not knowing in advance”, a mindfulness exercise about noticing that you are fine the way you are and an inspiration activity. My interest in mindfulness and SFBT was from Steve de Shazer who said “Go slow and if you think you are going slow, go even slower. He always took time to think and believed in the importance of the “pause” This creating a space to stop and experience the moment can also elicit positive emotions.

I am an elementary school counselor at the International school of Düsseldorf in Germany. I graduated from Birmingham University, England in 2002 with a postgraduate Diploma in SFBT. Since then I have been using it in my work with children and young people in a school setting. I have also been trained as a Mindfulness teacher to work with children from 4-12 years old by Eline Snel, author of “Sitting still like a frog”. A description of my coaching in the classroom has been published in an article by Sue Young in the book WOWW in Aktion by Manfred Vogt. I co-delivered a workshop at the EBTA conference in Salamanca in 2005 on Sculpting and Solution Focused Therapy-meet your resources in an unexpected way.

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