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September 23, 2017 Ramada Hotel Bad Soden
When? Where? Who and What?
8:30 Different rooms Morning Activities
Tolstoi Alex Steele: An experiment in human connections, synchronisation, harmony and presence: The spontaneous SF World Choir! (for beginners, more advanced, the creative and adventurous!)
Bethmann Shakyakumara: Mindfulness Practice – becoming happier, more present and more aware
Hoffmann Felix Hirschburger: Wim Hof
Schopenhauer Paul Z. Jackson: Creative collaboration for SF practitioners
9:00 Mendelssohn Plenary: Peter Sundman, John Wheeler, Svea van der Horn, Marie-Christine Cabie, Ferdinand Wolf, Matthias Schwab (EBTA task-group) and others:  SF theory
10:00 Lobby or restaurant Coffee break
10:30 Different rooms Workshops, Spaces and Talks
Mendelssohn Talks about youth:

  1. Emma Burns: Rethinking Youth Justice
  2. Joe Chan: Reintegration of institutionalized youths
  3. Pamela King: Solution building with children
Tolstoi Workshop: Peter De Jong, Haesun Moon, & Bo-Yon Koh: Using the Microanalysis of Face-to-Face Dialogues to Improve, Teach, and Supervise Solution-focused Conversation Skills
Bethmann Space: Kirsten Dierolf and Svea van der Hoorn: SF’s techno-coloured dream cloth – weaving coherence via SF Coaching and SFBT same, same, but different?
Hoffmann Space: Sofie Geisler: Solution Focus in Large Scale Processes
Schopenhauer Workshop: John Pihlaja: Transforming addiction into motivation
Wagner Workshop: Steffen Herz, Manuela Herz, Julia Kalenberg: How a German family owned etching process company adopted SF
Stolze Workshop: Judit Katonáné Kovács and Katalin Hankovszky: From personal to local economy development ─ a case study
Hölderlin Workshop: Marc Gardiner: Solution-focused Reflecting Team
Goethe Workshop: Eszter Fruzsina Boross: “Find the fun, and snap” – spotting resources and strengths with ease
Börne Workshop: Klaus Schenck: “Meta for Solutions” – how metaphors are simply unavoidable when focusing solutions
11:30 Change rooms
11:40 Different rooms Workshops, Spaces and Talks
Mendelssohn Social Impact Talks:

  1. Edwin Choy: Solution Focused Teacher Renewal Training
  2. Jim Bird-Waddington: Preventing Homelessness the Solution Focused Way
  3. Lee Yi Ping: If it’s not working, do something different: Singapore Community Health Assessment Team
Tolstoi Space: Mark McKergow: Shared values with our ‘cousins’: The Galveston Declaration
Bethmann Workshop: Dr Dominic Bray and Dr David Unwin: Best Hopes for Long (and Short) Lives; SF – energised, joy-full Primary and Palliative Care Consultations
Hoffmann John Brooker: Does the solution focused approach energize an organisation?
Schopenhauer Workshop: Irene Lansdaal and Cora Hagen: SF in organisations: 4 solution focused competencies
Wagner Elfie Czerny & Dominik Godat: SF on Tour – How we spread SF on the road
Stolze Workshop: Viktória Sőregi and Árpád Bárnai: SF experience in Hungarian Roma Settlements
Hölderlin Space: Katalin Hankovszky: Value and chances of practitioner research – a work review
Goethe Workshop: Marilyn Atkinson: The Creative Flow: How to Get it Fast!
Börne Workshop: Jos Kienhuis: Workshop ‘Resource Game’
12:40 Lobby or restaurant Lunch
13:40 Mendelssohn Open Space Set Up
14:15 All rooms and spaces Open Space Slot 1
15:00 All rooms and spaces Open Space Slot 2
16:00 All rooms and spaces Open Space Slot 3
17:30 Mendelssohn Harvesting Plenary
18:00 End
19:00 Mendelssohn Dinner
20:00 Mendelssohn Cabaret
Some time later Tolstoi I-Pod Disco
Much much later Hotel Rooms zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz