My sparkling moments from the 2017 conference

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Mark McKergow Mark McKergow
My best hopes are that we can make the most of having a wide range of SF practitioners together, to hear some ideas about where our field is going and how we can support it together in future, and to have a very good social time with people I don't see very often and those I have not met before as well as old friends.
Martin Oswin Martin Oswin
So this sounds so exciting, I know what happens when we hold smaller events with Solution Focused practitioners coming together we see an explosion of creativity, innovation, energy, warmth, hope and optimism. Then afterwards we see new SF projects and further engagement with the rest of the world in using the SF approach. So I guess my best hopes are that the SF World Conference is successful in delivering new projects and further engagement in SF in it's wake. Looking forwards to being there!!
Jen Unwin Jen Unwin
My best hopes are that the conference is like very other SF event I have been to, but even more so! Uplifting, inspiring, fun and that I will come away clearer and more focused in my next steps at work and wider.
Jonas Wells Jonas Wells
My best hope is that the conference will offer a one-in-a-lifetime experience and an everlasting memory. What could be the the widest gathering of empassioned solutionists ever opens up the chance of making many new friends, having crazy amounts of fun and picking up unexpected nuggets of learning for my own development and use. I can't wait!
Kirsten Dierolf Kirsten Dierolf
I am really curious about the best hopes of our community. My best hopes are to create understanding and help the SF community to exchange and share resources, help us grow and connect.