My sparkling moments from the conference

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Lourdes Balce Lourdes Balce
Congratulations and kudos to Kirsten's excellent team!! I feel blessed having a great sense of belonging in the SF community, that I was able to share what's working in my day to day and glad to take home tools and approaches from all over. My best hopes -- To keep the SF candle light shining and spread SF as a discipline all over, though events like SF World Conference. That both theories and practice of SF get to the areas of the world where SF has yet to be recognized, taught in schools, and widely practiced in making our world a better place, as model of choice, as a way of thinking and way of life. One big hope is that-- upcoming World Conferences and other SF events will eventually happen in South East Asia, for example, and in countries where SF has yet to grow as practice. Delegates would come from the academe, centres of wellness and community service, then see the value of SF as a way of resolving challenges. Thank you, Vielen Dank, Salamat!