We are actively looking for ambassadors for our conference: People and organisations who will share the news in their communities, who will connect us with whoever is out there using Solution Focus in their practice. We would like to share information with you, answer all of your questions and those of your community, connect so that we can make this a very enjoyable experience for everyone. Please contact if you would like to be an ambassador of our conference.

Here are our ambassadors — let them know if you are from their area and connect with them, they will be very happy!

Jorge Ayala Salinas Peru
Emma Burns New Zealand
Stanus Cloete South Africa
Elfi Czerny Austria: Austrian Solution Circle
Michael Durrant Australia
Sofie Geisler Mexico
Debbie and Dave Hogan Singapore
Алексей Михальский Russia
Audhild Mork Norway
A. Biba Rebolj Slovenia
Tomas Swietek Poland
Michael Durrant Australia
Enikö Tegyi Hungary
Daniel Meier Solutionsurfers Network
Enrique Andres Puebla Rosales Chile
Haesun Moon Canadian Centre for Brief Coaching Network
Yue Lei(岳蕾) China