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Aoki-san Aoki-san
It's been 12 years since my first appearance at SOL World Conference which has for a long time been my home place to learn, share, and get excited about SF. This time my best hope is to look back at these years and reflect on the uniqueness of what I created over the years by seeing my old friends and enjoying the conversations and exchanging ideas.
Evgenia Savvidou Evgenia Savvidou
I hope to feel excited, blessed, the powerful sense of belonging in a broader group...I also hope to get inspired and to have some new ideas to search for. At the end, I hope to receive many feedbacks about my presentation concerning SF at group work and to gain many new friends. I can't wait to see you all!
Penelope Turnell Penelope Turnell
My best hope is to be able to take away some techniques that enable me to ask better questions in my daily work and to get some teaching techniques that help me help other practitioners learn to ask better questions.
Biba Rebolj Biba Rebolj
My best hope for the conference is to meet old friends and make new ones, to be inspired by world famous speakers and touched by fresh faces and to enjoy every single moment of knowledge, passion and fun. Best hope from the conference is to open up possibilities I daren't even think of. Miracles have happened in the past, so I am expecting a few more 🙂
Jim Bird-Waddington Jim Bird-Waddington
My best hopes for the conference are to enrich my appreciation of the approach, challenge my thinking, and, and get enthused by others.
Dagmar Weiner Dagmar Weiner
My best hopes are: 1. To discover even more SF useful questions, I can't get enough of them 2. To get inspiration and encouragement for my own coaching style, combining SF coaching with schema coaching. 3. To meet in person the great names of the SF community and connect with them beyond the conference
Matthias Schwab Matthias Schwab
My best hope is that we create awareness of the SF propositions we are taking for granted and the reasons for their koan-like wording in theory and description of our SF doing and form of life. Doing so, I really hope, no, I am pretty sure to be in passionate conversations.
Toni Medina Toni Medina
Thanks you all for organising this SF world conference. I would like that you think to incorporate the simultaneous translation, the major languages. As a world congress will be a representative group of spanish language. For you consideration Thanks
Plamen Plamen
Well, many hopes, but right now just hoping to solve some overlooked contradictions we all are quite used to: some examples: - "If something works, do more of it!" and the simple fact that NOTHING works all the time... or - "We use the clients' own language" and then asking the MQ, or scaling, or coping, or... any other things that are obviously NOT parts of most clients' languages... or - "Mindfulness" and the millenia-old practice of cherishing "mindemptiness"... and many more of these...
Katja Kiiski Katja Kiiski
Thank you all for organising this SF world conference! I'm so excited to have this opportunity to take part for the first time in this international conference. I hope to meet many new SF professionals and deapen my knowledge about SF. I'm also looking forward to visiting Germany again.
Christiaan van Woerden Christiaan van Woerden
Thank you for asking. I hope to do a musical jam session in any style. Singing instruments whatever. I can play piano, so I also hope there is a nice German real piano at the conference 🙂
Thabisani Ncube Thabisani Ncube
Learn, reflect and exchange on simple, practical and creative ideas to deepen understanding of the Solution Focused mindset and practice a grow a rich network of friends to further develop, strengthen and sustain solution focused thinking and doing.
Jan Müller Jan Müller
I hope there's enough open time to meet, think and talk with everybody in addition to having great input from workshops and panels. I cherish these moments of connection and understanding a great deal!
Ewan Muirhead Ewan Muirhead
Best Hopes? Having enjoyed the SOLWorld and UKASFP conferences so much - to further connect, share, learn and contribute to the SF community who have already inspired me so much to grow in order to better understand and help others
Ijas Ijas
Hope it is going to be my first international conference, that too on SF 🙂 . Wooww excellent workshops, a lots of new connections with SF practitioners, catch up with the resourceful hearts and sack of energy to spread SF approach back at my country.. Hope organizers would keep it as much as affordable.
Evan George Evan George
My best hopes to be challenged in my thinking and practice - to go home confused about what to do - not sure how to go forward - having to think about every session more than right now.
Judit Katonáné Kovács Judit Katonáné Kovács
My best hope is to be there, present a common paper with Katalin Hankovszky Christiansen focusing on SF in higher education, start a dialogue and learn from others in this field 🙂
Emma Burns Emma Burns
I have lots of hopes, which in logical order probably go like this... 1. To convince my children to let me leave the country (especially as the dates cross over my youngest's birthday!) 2. To survive 24+ hours on the plane getting there. 3. To meet so many of the people who I hugely admire and am inspired by IN REAL LIFE!! 4. To be refreshed, to learn, and to be reminded of all the wonderful things about this approach. 5. To maybe do a presentation. 6. To come home probably broke and jetlagged, but full of enthusiasm and ideas!!
Michael Goran Michael Goran
My hope is to be there, to finally return to the best 'place' I've ever been, where I felt the most myself, the most informed, the most appreciated and appreciative, the most in awe of the colossal minds in the room. Oh, and the most beautiful beer. That's important too.
Jeff Shaw Jeff Shaw
I would like to find a way of attending that would be my best hope!!?secondly that everyone who attends gets what they are looking for re SFA xx